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What Royals Do Better Than Anyone Else

What Royals Do Better Than Anyone Else

I love royals. It doesn’t matter at who they are or where they live, I love seeing any and all photos of them on my social media feed. Instagram makes it way too easy to get lost in a royal rabbit hole. What I love the most? THE CLOTHES.

Look at any photo of a royal and you'll notice how absolutely flawless they look. Sleek, polished and basically perfect. What you won't notice? Their underwear lines.

THEY HAVE IT DOWN (for the most part) and I'm here for it.

Nothing distracts from a great outfit like underwear lines that stand out. Even worse: unintentionally sheer dresses. I love a good ol' cheap dress, but the truth is, cheap prices often come with cheap lining. Instead of saying goodbye to bargain buys, stock your dresser with a handful of skivvies (I love that word) that will serve you well with almost any piece.

Odd cuts? Sheer dresses? Underwear lines on a tight dress? Need a little something to suck you in? Whatever the problem is, I GOT YOU, GIRL!


  1. When you have a sheer skirt. Slips for short skirts are SUPER hard to find. This Commando half slip is a great solution when only your bottom half needs lining.
  2. When you have a sheer dress. The SPANX slip is my current favorite. It’s not super binding and short enough to work with mini dresses. WIN!
  3. When you need a super suck in. Getting into the Spanx thigh shaper is comical but MAN does it keep everything tight. I wear this with form fitting dresses to work.
  4. When you need a tiny tummy suck or a smooth butt. I won’t even lie to you, even though this pair isn’t a super “suck me in”, I’ll wear it after a Mexican dinner simply because it makes me feel more confident. It won’t do much for you in a super tight dress, but if you want your stomach a little more sucked in, this is your BFF. I also have a few dresses that are tight enough to show the outline of my underwear. Wearing a thong only shows the outline of the thong. NO. Throw this pair on to give you a super smooth butt that will look photoshopped. I’m not above it.
  5. When you have a low cut dress that needs some lining. I originally bought this to sleep in but it’s been more functional to me as a slip. It’s a bit longer than the SPANX slip and it has a WAY lower neckline. This is perfect for v-neck dresses.
  6. When you have a backless dress and pasties won’t cut it. Believe it or not, this was a rec from one of my friends with big boobs! It’s less suction, more sticky and it’s been my favorite backless find by far. It’s super affordable and I’ve worn mine over a dozen times without the stick wearing off. Massive fan.
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