I'm Callie Dauler. Welcome!

We Had our First Good Vibe Tribe Meetup! Here's What Happened...

We Had our First Good Vibe Tribe Meetup! Here's What Happened...

Saturday we had our very first Good Vibe Tribe meetup at Burn Studios. Twenty five of us signed up for Burn Sculpt with Jana and real talk- I was SO ANXIOUS.

I was anxious that no one would come and then I was anxious about meeting everyone there. Would people like me? Will I be so dang awkward introducing myself to people (probably)? My entire life I’ve always made friends with people who initially extended a hand to me. LITERALLY- since I was 4. I’m the shy kid by nature and I was thinking yesterday about how I met all my close friends and almost every single friend I have in my life is because they approached me when I was standing in the corner, too shy to go introduce myself.

OH MY HOW THE (INSTAGRAM) TABLES HAVE TURNED. Now I’m older and I’m hosting things- wedding showers, baby showers and now, a class for the Good Vibe Tribe. When you are a host, you introduce yourself AND you make sure your guests are enjoying themselves. I’m getting better at introducing myself to new people and I broke out of my shell a little bit as we’ve been hosting wedding and baby showers recently…”hi! I’m callie dauler, welcome! Can I take your coat?”.

I’m not sure why it makes me anxious but it does.

So, all of that to say, introducing myself to you, who I just LOVE to chat with online made me so nervous. Almost like a first date. I realized after a few minutes of meeting THE SWEETEST girls ever who attended that everyone there was stepping out of their comfort zone in some way so I wasn’t alone in feeling fear. We were all diving head first into something new with the meet up, some people were coming out of their comfort zone by showing up at Burn. Some were coming out of their comfort zone by being vulnerable in front of new people, some were leaving the comfort zone by showing up but we were all facing our separate challenges TOGETHER! Every single person was supportive and kind and together we created a safe space for each other for an hour.

Our instructor Jana is just truly one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. She’s stunning and you can feel her light and good energy from a mile away. Saturday she told us her story of beating cancer and then having bell’s palsy. She opened the class by telling us about her personal struggles every day and the energy that she gets from the people who show up for her classes. Yes, there were tears. She’s also a jewelry designer and made every single person in the class a bracelet that came with a quote. I haven’t taken mine off, no do I intend to.

The class was hard and I think it’s safe to say we all got our butts kicked. It really wasn’t about what we were physically doing in the class as much as it was about:

A safe space for women who want good energy, a place where we could leave whatever we were personally dealing with at the door and proof to ourselves that WE CAN do difficult things and usually, we are stronger than we think.

My friend Chrissy said it best- “I thought I couldn’t do it, but she allows you moments of grace to be able to pick yourself back up and finish.”

You know me- if there’s a life metaphor, I will find it and I’ve been seeing themes of strength ALL OVER the yoga/sculpt classes I’ve been taking. These classes haven’t been about nailing every part of the class from the very first one. They’ve been about building strength each time and being a litttttttle bit better than I was before each time I do it. Our class Saturday was hard, but we pushed ourselves hard, took a second to breathe, then pushed again. I wasn’t perfect, but I felt so strong when I left and I definitely left that room feeling proud of what I accomplished that hour.

If you came on Saturday, thank you for showing up with such a wonderful spirit and contributing to GREAT energy. If you didn’t get a chance to come this time, I hope we get to see you again because SERIOUSLY, that was awesome.

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