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Q&A: Your Questions Answered

Q&A: Your Questions Answered

I'm kinda (really) digging the new q&a feature on Instagram. You had the best questions and I want them to live on FOREVER so I've decided to post them here. I forget how much we still don't know about each other!

Who would you be in the cast of gossip girl?
Can you tell by my hair what I'm going to say? Serena 5000%

What was your major in college?
PR with a minor in Music Business

How late do you guys sleep on the weekends?
Usually until 7 or 8am. Lily likes to wake up early on the weekends and she’s pretty persistent.

How did you choose your current job?
To be honest, it was completely fate. I was looking for a new job and had exactly ZERO clue what I wanted to do. When I called one of my clients to tell her I was intending to leave my company, she told me her assistant had put in a two week notice the week before and asked me if I was interested in the role. We worked so well together at our old job, I thought it would be an easy transition to my current job, and it was! FATE I TELL YOU!

How did you and Jeff start gratitude?
When we were dating, we were standing in Jeff's kitchen and he randomly said "do you want to write down one thing a day we're grateful for on like, a notecard or something"?

I said sure, not really putting any thought into it whatsoever and within a week I was HOOKED. Doing daily gratitude together has completely changed our lives and shifted our perspective. It's brought us closer together and it's something super fun to look forward to in the morning. It's funny to me now how casually we started doing it because it has become the central focal point in our lives.

Where do you get your lashes done?
I don’t anymore WAH! My allergies are too bad and the eyelashes irritate the allergy. When I did go, I went to Stephanie Boley and she is AMAZING. You can book an appointment with her at 404-889-0418!

Is teeth whitening even with zingers worth it?
To me, it's the only thing worth it! The pain for a few hours is totally worth having white teeth for YEARS! I go to Dr. Shawn Gurley at 770-664-1244. They get my anxiety.

How loud is it living at the Battery? Do you use a noisemaker?
Here’s the truth I always tell people: we slept through METALLICA! They did a great job of insulating the apartments so we haven’t had an issue. We do sleep with a noisemaker but we can’t sleep without one and even travel with ours so it’s not because of noise.

How do you implement gratitude every day? Do you read each others?
We write it down on notecards in the kitchen ( we ran out of our own gratitude journals) and reading each other's answers is almost the best part. It’s like Christmas every day!

Where did you get the jean shorts you wore with the Good Vibes Tank?
They are Free People! Click HERE!

How many years older is Jeff than you?
12 years

What’s the best dry shampoo?
Dry Bar BY A LANDSLIDE! Click HERE for a link.

Do you hope to blog full time?
That would be a dream!

How many DM’s do you get in a day?
Depends on what I’m talking about on IG stories. Some days 30 or so, some days well over 100!

What is your long term career goal?
I’m not sure yet. I’d love to have my own line of good vibe lifestyle products and maybe a book in addition to the blog. If I stay in the corporate world, I’ll probably always work with talent because talent management is definitely my strength!

What are your recommendations for someone just starting a blog?
Figure out what makes you different and RUN WITH IT HARDCORE! Don't be anybody else!

How did you get into blogging?
YOU, honestly! I was getting a lot of questions everyday on my social media about everything from hair to home that I wanted to find a permanent home for it! I launched the website about 9 months ago and I just keep guessing every day.

Favorite alcoholic beverage for you and Jeff?
98% of the time, I drink wine. Jeff is a big fan of local IPA’s!

At what age did you start Botox and who showed you the ropes?
I started getting Botox at 28! I called Dr. Kavali because I knew her name from around town and she took me through the whole process.

How many therapists did you go through to find the one?
My first one was someone I found through family members and the current one is someone a friend recommended but we’ve only had a few sessions so I’m still feeling it out. I’ve had friends go through half a dozen before they meet someone they trust. It can take some time, stick with it!

How many serious relationships did you have before Jeff?
Post college adult relationships: 1 super serious, 1 kinda serious.

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