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This post needs no fancy title. It's the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!!! If you're a nordstrom cardholder, YOU GO GIRL! Anyone who doesn't have a Nordstrom card (like me), you can shop all of these beauties starting July 20. GET THOSE SHOPPING FINGERS READY!

Why is this a big deal? Because Nordstrom discounts fall styles that we all would have paid full price for this fall. HUGE DEAL if you love a great deal. If you don't love Nordstrom or a deal, ARE YOU EVEN A HUMAN BEING? 

Here are my fav picks broken down by category! And yes, I'm stalking them HARD!











SKIVVIES (I love that word)

Pro tip: go for the spanx and hanky panky sales because you'll get great year-round use out of both and you'll thank yourself later



Pro tip: If you hear NOTHING ELSE THAT I EVER SAY, HEAR THIS: Buy the silk pillowcases. Give one to a friend for Christmas...trust me. Or just buy the set because you'll probably accidentally wash it incorrectly at some point and need the spare. This is also a great time to buy a designer bag if you've been dying for a classic Tory Burch. I'm snagging this luggage set!



If you want to save a buck on those holiday gifts...this is a great time to buy!


Happy Shopping!


Disclaimer: Sometimes brands offer affiliate links which provide referral fees to bloggers. Some products I'll use affiliate links for if they exist. I see this in the same way as I see getting referral fees from a hair stylist or any other business. You're going to the stylist because they make you look fab! If they want to give you a $30 credit towards your next haircut for recommending them to a friend, are you taking it? HELL YEAH! This is how brands say "thank you for telling a friend about us" and does not alter my opinion in any way.

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