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How Do We Pause Aging Skin NOW?

How Do We Pause Aging Skin NOW?

This is the third and final installment of my q&a with beauty expert Emily Foley! If you aren't caught up yet, check out the last two posts on skincare products, makeup and managing skin issues. She's been giving GREAT advice!

Today she's giving us her feelings on skin treatments you asked about, sunscreen and the number one most important question: What do we do RIGHT now to start taking care of our skin?


What do you think about Micro-needling? Is it a fleeting trend?
Emily says: Micro-needling works! It’s hard to say if it’s a fleeting trend, because the science community is always improving. Microneedling does work but in 7 years could there be advancements and something better? SURE!

Any thoughts on hydra facials?
Emily says: I haven’t gotten a hydra facial yet (thought I’m planning to soon), but I’ve heard great things about them! An esthetician can tell you what kind of facial is best for your skin type!



What do I need to start doing TODAY to slow down the aging process to my face and skin?
Emily says: This is three-fold. 1. Wash your makeup off EVERY SINGLE DAY. Tired, drunk or whatever else- do it before bed. 2. Use SPF every single day in every way you can. Find makeup products with SPF. They’re more common than you think! They should be in your powder, your liquid foundation and in your moisturizer. Seriously, everywhere. The minimum SPF you need is 15, SPF 25 or 30 is better. Cosmetix Peptide Rich Defense is my favorite, because it has 50 in it, and it’s really thin. I’ve never been able to find great SPF protection that’s as thin as this product, so it’s worth the money to me (it’s pricey compared to some moisturizers). 3. Use eye cream! It doesn’t matter which one just pick one. I started using eye cream at 25 and my eyes look better in photos at 30 than they ever did at 25…seriously.

Emily picks: Cosmedix Peptide Rich Defense


What should we all be doing right now to take care of our skin? What is most important?
Emily says: Like I said above, take your makeup off every night before you go to sleep, use as much SPF as you possibly can, and drink a ton of water. You know what else? Stop touching your face! It literally makes my skin crawl when I see people constantly touching their face–your hands have tons of bacteria on them from just living life, and you’re putting all of it on your face!

How often would you recommend someone get professional facials?
Emily says: If it’s in your budget, get one every month. The next best option would be at the change of every season. I’m surprisingly bad about getting in for facials, but at the minimum, twice a year would really help.



What is the best sunscreen for my skin?

Emily says: The key to sunscreen is MORE. Use products that have sunscreen in them- literally everything from primer to makeup. Most sunscreens won’t feel the same on your skin as makeup, so layer sunscreen into your makeup. That being said, I adore these two finishing products, because they have such great protection–wonderful for the layering process!

Emily picks:
Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 
Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush-On Sunscreen SPF 50 


What is the best hand lotion for my hands that doesn’t smell sunscreeny?
Emily picks:
Deborah Lippmann Rich Girl Hand Cream 

My CC cream has SPF 30, does that count as sunscreen?
Emily says: I’d be a bad beauty expert if I said, ‘yes 1000%’ but I do think that’s great! If you’re going to be in the sun longer than running out to lunch or getting coffee, use sunscreen. We’re supposed to re-apply sunscreen throughout the day so just keep that in mind when you’re deciding if you need more. There is never enough!

What sunscreen can I wear with my makeup?
Emily says: Layer your SPF in your makeup. I can’t stress that enough! Sunscreens don’t really feel great on your skin. If you’re married to your foundation, and it doesn’t have SPF in it, you definitely need a moisturizer and a primer with SPF in them. Otherwise, I would go straight for makeup with SPF.  Next time you’re buying makeup,  look for the SPF. You cannot have enough!

HUGE thank you to Emily Foley for answering all of these great questions. Now get out there and GO USE SPF! 

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