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The Scoop on Zoom Whitening and the Fear of Dentists

The Scoop on Zoom Whitening and the Fear of Dentists

This is my first blog post where I’m going to give this disclaimer: ZOOM IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY. This is a Choose Your Own Adventure situation. I can’t choose this adventure for you because I don’t know anything about you or your teeth, but I can tell you about my own personal adventure.

This post is for the person who either doesn’t have sensitive teeth OR has sensitive teeth like me who has thrown their strips in the trash after two uses and who is annoyed by the sight of the whitening trays you paid for that now collect dust. If you have sensitive teeth and think “I wish I could get all of the pain over and see results ONCE and be done with it!” THIS IS FOR YOU.

Zoom whitening is something that I love and I’ll be totally honest with you, it hurts my teeth…but not for long. I have friends who have done Zoom in its entirety and not felt a thing at all. Really, I’m so jealous of that. Here’s my thing: I can tolerate a little bit of pain in one sitting for beautiful white teeth . What I can’t tolerate is one session of white strips and sore, sensitive teeth for a week without being able to see a shred of change in the color of my teeth. BULLCRAP I SAY!

I first did zoom about 5-6 years ago and I won’t even lie about why I love it, I LOVE THE INSTANT GRATIFICATION. Such a millennial, I know. I walked in with a lifetime of stained teeth and walked out feeling like a new person.  Here’s how zoom works:

  1. They put a lip and cheek retractor in your mouth to make way for the bleach and pad your gums to protect them from the bleach.
  2. They apply bleach to your teeth and put the Zoom light over it to start the process
  3. A full zoom session is 4, 15 minute sessions in one appointment. They reapply the bleach in between each session.
  4. There are 3 settings you can choose from: low, medium or high (I chose low)
  5. You can choose how many rounds you do. I stop when I start to feel sensitive. The longest I’ve ever done it is about 3 minutes into my 4th session. The second time I stopped at 3 and the most recent time, I was fine with two.

So who does Zoom? A lot of dentists...but let me tell you about mine because I am the queen of dental anxiety and I've def met my match.

IF YOU'RE HERE FOR THE DENTAL ANXIETY therapy sesh: HERE IT IS. I hired a new dentist about a month ago (after a legit interview process, you can ask them and they’ll tell you how serious I am) at North Atlanta Aesthetic Dentistry. They reached out to me and told me they read the blog and if I ever need a change in my dentist, that they would love to see me. I told them I didn’t and that I had the worst dental anxiety. This turned into a super long conversation with Tracie, who runs the show there about how awful it feels to be so overwhelmed and scared of something you really have to do.

My gut feeling about their office led me to go in and meet with her. I can’t tell you I had no anxiety when I walked in for the first time (I almost cancelled my appointment) but they made me feel like my anxiety was OK and didn’t dismiss me or write me off. They understood. They took me seriously for the first time ever which took my anxiety down to an all time low. They made me feel so comfortable when I was there that not only did I make an appointment for Zoom, I scheduled my next teeth cleaning with their office and am now a patient.

I got a little off track there but my appreciation and gratitude for Dr. Gurley’s office runs DEEP and I know how many of you have major, paralyzing dental anxiety so I felt like that side note needed to be shared.

Back to zoom. North Atlanta Aesthetic Dentistry has you covered and they're giving you a MONSTER discount. Holy Moly. Zoom is usually $499 but if you call to book an appointment and say "I have Callie's code!!" they'll do your whitening for $299. The official code is Callie but really, just say any combo of "I'm callie's friend" or "Callie sent me" and that'll work just fine!

If you fear dentists like I do, let them know. You may not even want the whitening, you may just really need a dentist and be totally scared. Tell them I sent you because your dental anxiety is REAL and they will do everything in their power to help you. I've met almost every single person in that office and they are incredibly kind and understanding and they'll roll out the red carpet for your fear if you let them know!

Happy whitening my loves and I'll leave you with these before and after beauties! 

Tops: Before Zoom
Bottoms: After Zoom!

The far left column is like WOAH. HEY WHITE! My teeth were so yellow in the top left photo before any Zoom at all and I was SO EXCITED after my first treatment.  That's what years of soda drinking will do. The middle column is the touch up I got right before my wedding and the column on the right is from this month. I got my full white this month in only 2 of the 15-minute sessions. EEEEK! I love this stuff.

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