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This Jewelry Will Have You Feeling The Love All Year Long

This Jewelry Will Have You Feeling The Love All Year Long

These good vibe pieces will have you feeling the love all year long:

Love Jewelry Collage.jpg

1. Estella Bartlett "Smile Dream Love Open Heart Necklace"- $32.00 I've been wearing this for weeks and I LOVE it! Estella Bartlett is a newer line at Nordstrom and everything they make is dainty, cute and affordable. They get me.

2. Lola James Jewelry "Heart of Gold" necklace- $55.00 This is my current and absolute favorite necklace right now and is a favorite in my Instagram stories. It's on regular rotation!

3. Dogeared Flat Heart Earrings- $42.00 Dogeared is team #goodvibetribe and I love what they represent. All of their pieces come with a little positive note and this one says "it's the little things that make life beautiful".

4. Banana Republic Pave Lip studs- $18.00 these lip studs come in both clear and red. Subtle sass!

5. Throwing Stars Love Necklace- $93.50 with code "BeMyValentine". You first fell in love with Amy's initial necklaces and she's back with this gold filled wire "love" necklace. ALL THE HEART EYES.

6. Nadri Love Pendant Necklace- $60.00 For anyone who needs a little extra sparkle in their love, this is for YOU girl! A little sparkle makes you shine, I'm not opposed to it.

7. Nashelle Initial Mini Heart Necklace- $60.00 Wanna be extra cute here? Snag this necklace with his initial. Adorable, I know.

8. Estella Bartlett Positive Vibes Necklace- $39.00 A good vibe tribe staple piece that you can gift to preeeety much anyone in your life (or be like me and keep it for yourself- I'm not mad about it)! I love it for a friend who's going through something tough, any birthday, that friend who just started her own biz OR Mother's day (gift closet!!). You can't lose with this one. 

9. Kris Nations Pave XO studs- $45.00 you won't ever be able to write "xo" to me without me thinking of xoxo, Gossip Girl. I'm not even ashamed of it. When we first started dating and weren't telling anyone yet, I used to write "xo" on Jeff's wrist so he could look down and think of me during the day. I was so lame, but XO holds a special place for me.


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