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Valentine's Gifts for Him

Valentine's Gifts for Him

I feel like we were just giving ourselves a big pat on the back for finding the perfect holiday gift for the people love and now we're back for round 2! I'm fully aware that there are a lot of Valentine's Day haters out there, but I just love it. It's no secret that I love love and happiness. I'm not someone that spends all day romanticizing love and fairytales but I feel like any holiday dedicated to reminding the people that you love just how much you love them is AWESOME. Let's rename it "Good Vibes Day" and get excited about it!

When I was single, I was never sad or bummed about Valentine's day, I was like a kid at Christmas going to grab the materials to make cards for all my BFFs. The point is: you won't see me dreading this day and really, I'd prefer to turn it into an entire month.

Looking for a gift for a guy? Here are a few of my fav ideas:

Valentine's For Him.jpg


1. Framed vows or song lyrics from Minted- $88 Minted does a GREAT job printing these and they're perfect for vows or your fav song lyrics. You can make this fully custom and tailor it completely to his style. 

2. The Looftlighter Electric Firestarter- $79.95 The Looftlighter is one of Jeff's FAVORITE toys ever. It's used to light your Big Green Egg and if you aren't familar with BGE, it takes forever to light so this gadget will save him a lot of time.

3. Philips Air Fryer- $177.59 If your guy is anything like my guy, they like to fry some s*hit. Is that a guy thing? Avoid a grease fire and your house burning down with this gadget! It's all the rage for people who own them, it's healthier than deep frying and this is what I'll call the "starter" version (the full size is way more expensive), so you can see if he'll use it before you fully commit.

4. Andre 3000's shoe line- $120.00 Whether he's an Andre 3000 fan (you know, from Outkast) or a shoe guy like Jeff Dauler, this collection is awesome. I got the light blue pair for Jeff for Christmas and he loves them!

5. Miansai Gold Hook leather bracelet- $80.00 If you need a cute pun, this gift comes with my free "hooked on you" pun. You're welcome.

6. Growler/Keg combo- $183.20 For the guy who loves beer! He may have a growler but does he have a growler that keeps his beer carbonated?! This will keep his brew fresh for up to two weeks and also it's like, really pretty.

7. What I Love About You by Me Book- $10.00 If you want to tug at heartstrings this V-day, I LOVE this book. Jeff gave this to me completely filled out a few years ago and it has kept it's spot as  my favorite gift of all time. Bonus? It's cheap!

8. Six Pack cooler tote + his favorite beer- $20.00 This gift says "I like you and I totally know what beer you like but I don't want to look too crazy on our first V-day". Casually hanging? Pick up a pizza, throw his favorite beer in this tote and head on over, sister! Not too much but still thoughtful.

9. Jawbone Mini Speaker- $39.75 I have one of these little speakers at my desk and frequently rock out by myself before anyone is in the office. This is a great speaker for his office, or anywhere on the go!

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