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The Best 20 Reasons to Spend Your Holiday Cash

The Best 20 Reasons to Spend Your Holiday Cash

Hi 2018, so glad you're here. I'm not one to look back and linger on the past but I have to say, 2017 came with some GREAT finds. Time to dive head first into the new year, but first...

Here are the 20 BEST of the best items from 2017 you need to carry you into the new year! Oh yes, these are the best of the best. They're my favorite finds of the year and the most popular blog items I posted last year! They are Callie tested and worth every cent of that holiday cash in your pocket.

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1. AG Raw Hem Ankle Jeans- $149.90 (currently on sale) These guys have been on-sale, sold out, back in stock, on sale again and sold out again. Bookmark these babies if you don't immediately see them in your size. They're SO worth the wait. I was initially skeptical about these guys because I bought them at the recommendation of a size 25 blogger, but they look GREAT and have been my favorite jeans all winter. They'll be adorable with sandals this summer.

2. Tory Burch Scout Nylon Satchel- $298.00 I'm not afraid to splurge on bags if I know they are classic bags I can carry forever. The best perk of nylon? You can't destroy it. You can spill on it, throw it around, carry it every day and it'll still look brand new.

3. Dr. Scholls Scout Slip On Sneaker- $87.95 Dr. Scholls has reinvented itself into a super on-trend brand and when I saw these shoes on a friend I had to have them. When she told me who made them I almost didn't believe her. This shoe is the MVP of comfort and style and a must-have for anyone constantly on the go.

4. Dolce Vita Hendrix Studded Sandal- $74.96 (currently on sale) You probably won't believe me when I tell you these are some of my favorite work shoes but, these are some of my favorite work shoes. Yep, I can wear these for 8 hours with no discomfort. These are as great with jeans as they are with dresses and they're currently 50% off so UM...DO IT! Don't you love the work justification? "I can wear them to work TOO!"

5. American Atelier Set of Metallic Stemless Wine Glasses- $24.12 (currently on sale) these wine glasses are THE BEST item to stock up on and keep in a closet for hostess gifts or when you're in a pickle for a last-minute gift for a girlfriend. They come in rose gold or gold and I have a set of my own that I love!

6. Dry Bar Dry Shampoo- $23.00 I confessed this year that I spend a LOT of time avoiding washing my hair like the plague. I hate doing it, I hate how much time it takes and Dry Bar dry shampoo has only helped my lazy habits. I've tried at least half a dozen dry shampoos and this one is by far my favorite. It smells amazing and soaks up every bit of grease which helps me extend my blowout by DAYS. 

7. Hudson Nico Ankle Skinny Jeans- $136.50 (currently on sale) I rarely wear pants with patterns because I don't find them flattering on myself BUT one of my best friends talked me into these camo pants and I have no regrets. I've worn these a few times this winter but am super excited about rocking them with cute sandals this summer. I throw them on with a simple comfy tee and head out on my way.

8. Baublebar Parisian Feather Tassel Drop Earrings- $42.00 Cute, fun earrings are part of my "fake it 'til you make it" lifestyle and I'm not even sorry about it. You can throw your hair on top of your head, put a white t-shirt and some jeans on and still manage to look cute and put together with a really awesome, big earring. These are incredibly lightweight so you can wear them all day without even realizing you have earrings on.

9. Katie Loxton Perfect Pouch- $20.00 I bought these adorable bags left and right for holiday presents this year. I first grabbed this thinking it would be pretty expensive and was so pleasantly surprised at this price tag. This is another "grab it for the gift closet" item and comes in a plethora of colors with the cutest sayings.

10. Sole Society Millie Tote- $64.95 This was a hit on my travel essentials post. It's as cute for the beach as it is for a travel bag mid-winter. You can throw everything in this bag and it's a great accessory to throw with jeans, a t-shirt and a cute hat. Easy breezy.

11. Marc Jacobs Vic Watch- $250.00 Jeff gave this watch to me for our anniversary and I LOVE the super unique black face of the watch. The silver version is also stunning.

12. Patagonia Los Gatos Jacket- $129.00 If you watch my Instagram you'll know that this is the only jacket I've been wearing since Christmas day. It is SO soft and I'll be living in it until Spring makes an appearance.

13. Quay Needing Fame Aviators- $55.00 The Needing Fame aviators are massive and I love it! These are an Instagram favorite and I've barely taken them off since I bought them.

14. The perfect slouch beanie- $28.00 The beanie really is the perfect slouch. I bought 4 of these for Christmas gifts this year because I love mine so much. It's affordable and super super cute. I don't typically think I look great in beanies, but this one kills it!

15. Slip Silk Pillowcase- $79.00 If you hear me say only one thing on this entire blog (besides being kind of course) hear me when I say this: sleep on a silk pillowcase for a week and you'll never go back. You can read about all of the skin and hair benefits from my full post on it here. I don't love the feel of silk much at all usually. I'm not the person to buy silk pajamas or clothes but I will never go back to cotton pillowcases. This gives my blowouts more life than ever before. YOU NEED THIS...LIKE ASAP.

16. Sam Edelman Ariella Sandal- $99.95 The Ariella is a dupe of a very expensive Stuart Weitzman cult favorite shoe. It goes with jeans, you can wear it with cocktail and formal attire, it's a super versatile shoe with such a classic look, you'll wear them for years.

17. Face Halo- $22.00 for a 3-pack Face Halo's claims are true. Its magic fabric can remove your makeup using ONLY WATER. Say byeeeeeee to makeup remover and buy a pack of one of the hottest items on the blog in 2017. I will never buy makeup remover again and you can throw these guys in the wash over 200 times before you'll need to replace them.

18. LOFT Layered Pave Initial Necklace- $19.99 (currently on sale) This necklace was a super hot item this holiday season and is great for a gift for your bestie orrrrr just for you (no shame).

19. Winteress Belted Puffer Coat- $298.00 J. Crew frequently puts this jacket on sale and this is an investment piece that you'll have for YEARS! It's super warm, has a tie so it's fitted at the waist (no marshmallows allowed). I wear it out during the winter and to walk the dogs in this super cold weather. It's classic and versatile in winter weather.

20. Milk Makeup Holographic Stick- $14.00 This was my best makeup purchase of the year. I love it so much, it got it's own post. It's a super super simple way to dress casual makeup up a little bit with zero effort. I love looking like I know how to use makeup even when I don't and this is one of my best secrets. Shhhhh.


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