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New Year, New Fitness: Where to Go and What to Wear

New Year, New Fitness: Where to Go and What to Wear

I caught the "New Year, New You" bug BAD this year. I have a craving to be better. Hey, I'm not complaining. If I'm feeling the urge to jump on the improvement train, you won't see me fighting it.

Jeff is a big believer that if you look good, you FEEL good so naturally, I bought new workout gear. I ordered literally every single thing I liked the look of online and brought it home to see what truly worked (bending over in see through workout pants is my biggest fear) and was only left with a small handful of new loves. READ: the GOOD stuff I found is REALLY good, so go getcha some!

I've been working out on and off for years but I always play it safe and find one gym and then wear it out. I decided I wanted to try some new workouts and I'll spend the next few months trying new things in the Atlanta area. I won't do a love/hate post because I think everyone looks for different things in the gym but I will give you the vibe on the places I try and what to expect (I hate not knowing what to expect when I try something new).

Workout: CorePower Yoga, C1 Class
Instructor: Kyle
What I wore: yoga pants, a loosely fitted tank & a headband (to catch the sweat)
If I renamed the class, I'd call it: Hot Yoga 101
Vibes: Open and accepting. Everyone in the studio was happy to help this newbie out and explained things thoroughly so I could understand. I didn't feel intimidated all as a beginner and I've only ever had one other yoga class before. The C1 class uses residual heat from other classes and doesn't consistently pump in heat so that was a great intro to heat for me. I wasn't uncomfortably hot in this class. Kyle and his assistant were both super hands on and helped to physically move your body into correct form. The class felt really open and accepting and we were encouraged to do the right level of movement for our body. No judgement for needing a breather here. The first week at CorePower is free so I immediately signed up for my second class after the first was over. 

Workout: Yoga Sculpt
Instructor: Amy Adams
What I wore: yoga pants, a fitted tank, bare feet & a headband
If I renamed the class, I'd call it: A little zen, a little cardio
Vibes: Chill enough to zen out, but with enough cardio and weights to make it feel like you truly accomplished something. Amy was super calming and I was able to get in the zone of working out for myself and not trying to compete with other people in class. I didn't have any background in yoga and this was easy to catch on to. She had us set intentions for class which I absolutely loved or gave us the freedom to use her intention, which was: loving yourself. 
Pro tip: get a mat by a mirror (even if that means you're in the front row) so you can see what you're doing

Workout: BurnBox
Instructor: Jeremy
What I wore: yoga pants, a fitted tank and tennis shoes. The studio provides free gloves.
If I renamed the class, I'd call it: "Kicking Ass, 101"
Vibes: Nice, welcoming, chill, you don't have to be a workout expert to fit in here.
Go here if you want: to get the cardio in, without being focused on the fact that you're doing cardio. A great new, pretty enjoyable mix to throw into your workout.
Pro tip: wearing your ring hurts with the gloves on, leave the ring at home or turn it around during this workout

Jeremy is one of my favorite Atlanta fitness instructors. He's so chill that it makes a high-intensity workout seem bearable and low key. Some times I don't want a moral lesson on changing my life, sometimes I just want to workout with a cool friend. That's Jeremy.  I love that his teaching technique is so straightforward and matter-of-fact. "This is our workout and we're doing it." No in-your-face, cheesy, over-the-top motivation here. I dig it. You'll work with a punching bag doing basic punches and kicks (no experience needed), there's a weights/arms section and the day I went, Jeremy surprised us with a surprise jog in the parking lot. This is a great, full-body workout.

Workout: FORME Studios- Cardio FORME
Instructor: Lauren C.
What I wore: Yoga pants, a comfortably fitting tank, tennis shoes, a good sports bra (lots of jumping and bouncing in this class so plan accordingly).
If I renamed the class, I'd call it: "Not Your Mom's Aerobics"
Vibes: non-intimidating, non-judgy
Go here if you want: the cardio without the treadmill in an encouraging and supportive environment.
*Use code CALLIE to get $10 off a single class*

I've hit an age where I really need cardio but age doesn't change me hating it. Cardio FORME was a perfect way for me to get in a 45 minute cardio session without wanting to punch anyone in the face, which is my reaction to any treadmill. It reminded me of an aerobics class- high energy music, constant movement and 45 minutes of an increased heart rate. There are modifications to every movement so when you need a bit of a breather, you can still stay moving and I never felt a second of judgement or embarrassment when I needed to modify the intensity.

Workout: Eclipse One-on-One Personal Training
Instructor: Alex
What I wore: Yoga pants, a workout tank, running shoes, weightlifting gel gloves (you can buy these there, not required).
If I renamed the workout, I'd call it: "The ultimate life changer"
Vibes: no nonsense, personalized workouts
Go here if you want: to completely overhaul your body and be pushed to new limits with a custom workout! They offer custom meal and fitness plans and you can choose to opt into semi-private training, which comes in at a great price point.

Alex trained me when I was a bride and got me into the best shape of my life. There were days I was pretty sure I was going to die (although I never did) but his workouts completely changed my body. He pushed me to my absolute limits physically but when I walk out of his sessions, I feel such a sense of personal satisfaction because I'm constantly reminded how much I'm capable of. I routinely walk out saying "holy crap, I can't believe I did that" with an overwhelming sense of pride. Alex has a great way of making you feel confident. There were days where I'd feel super crappy about myself and Alex would stand beside me and say "look at how much you've done. You are a badass! You are awesome!" 

Workout: Stellar Bodies
Instructor: Danielle
What I wore: Yoga pants, a fitted tank (wearing baggy clothes will be a pain here), bare feet or toe socks, gel gloves (you can buy toe socks and gel gloves there if you want, they are both optional. The gel gloves help when there is a lot of pressure on my hands).
If I renamed the class, I'd call it: "Get your celebrity body here"
Vibes: great fast paced music with slow movements on the Megaformer. A serious workout with a lot of focus.
Go here if you want: a serious workout and a long and lean body. This workout is tough but it DEFINITELY yields results.

While you can walk into any class and get a quick rundown from the instructor, I found that the best start for me was a private with Danielle and one of my girlfriends. The private lesson before my first class gave me a ton of time with my instructor Danielle to really make sure I was doing every movement correctly and when I walked into my first class, I felt like an old pro! Stellar uses the Lagree method (which is has roots in pilates). You'll be on the Megaformer and be doing a lot of very slow, intentional movements with resistance that will make your muscles shake! I've never walked out of this class feeling like I didn't accomplish a LOT. READ: you'll feel like it's hard but everyone feels that way, even the regulars! Celebrities love this workout and I can see why.

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