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Getting to the Bottom of the Lash Boost Craze

Getting to the Bottom of the Lash Boost Craze

I'm a 31 year old female on Facebook which means at any given time, someone I know is selling Rodan + Fields and it's all over my feed and lemme tell ya, I've seen GREAT before and after photos. The thing is, everyone posting these photos sells Rodan + Fields sooooo...are they only showing their best results or what?

Let me preface this article by saying: every single human being is different. I don't think every beauty product will work the same way for every person. I've worked with two serums over the past few years, and this post is based on my personal results.

After my eyelash extension catastrophe earlier this year (I developed an allergy to the glue) I had to start over with my natural lashes because I was left with so few. I decided to get to the bottom of Lash Boost for myself once and for all so in April I bought it to try it out. 

I've been using it since April and I have to say, I do have long, thick lashes. I had a few photo shoots in August and the makeup artist said I didn't need false lashes. What you're seeing in the cover photo for this post is my lashes + mascara. So there you have it. It has worked well for me and honestly, I'm probably the biggest Lash Boost skeptic ever so this my friends, is my totally unbiased, honest opinion.

A few things to note:

  • I'm not paid in any way to recommend Rodan + Fields and it benefits me in exactly zero ways if you choose to buy it. I also am not interested in being a consultant or finding a consultant (I know lots).
  • Rodan + Fields says it takes 8 weeks to see best results. I didn't see noteworthy changes for about 4 months and I use it every single day. If you decide to use it, use it as recommended and make a commitment to see it through. It's not as effective if you use it sporadically. If you're in it, be in it for the long haul!
  • It does come with a price tag. I spent $150 on the serum. It has lasted me nearly 5 months so far which is about $30 a month so from that prospective, it isn't bad. If you just can't stomach that $150 charge (I hear ya, sister!) I've got a great alternative for you below.
  • WHERE TO BUY: You can buy from a consultant that you already know or you can buy it straight from the Rodan + Fields website. They do sell it on Amazon but you'll pay $20 extra buying it there so I'm steering clear of Amazon for this one. Whatever works for you. You do you, girl!


Grande Lash MD is a great alternative if you aren't sold or it's just not in the budget. Harrison Sapp from Gilty as Charged recommended Grande Lash to me after I had a fit over how incredible her lashes were and demanded to know all of her secrets. I used it in my pre-lash extension days and I saw results in a little over a month. It retails for around $52.

I recommended it a LOT during my pre-extension days and the only reason I didn't go back to it right after the lash catastrophe was because my curiosity over Lash Boost was too much to bear.

Here are my conclusions: if you need FAST and/or cheap results, go for Grande. If you like the comfort of brand recognition and/or you want to support your bestie, go for Rodan. Lash Boost provided me slightly better results but took longer to work for me. There are pros to both serums and on this one, go with your personal preference. Rodan + Fields links are above, Grande Lash is linked via the "buy now" button below!

Please note: I prefer to buy on Amazon when I can to take full advantage of the second love of my life, Amazon Prime. If you prefer to buy Grande Lash MD from Grande Cosmetics directly, click here.

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