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What I Know About Hair Extensions

What I Know About Hair Extensions

Hi, my name is Callie Dauler and I'm addicted to hair extensions. Really though, I'm not sorry. I got them years ago as an "ooh la la" addition to my already pretty long, also thick hair. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I've gotten in the few years I've had them:

Who does your extensions?
I see Jessica Goldstein at Jessica Goldstein Salon and have never looked back. I get an insane amount of compliments on them and people ask me for Jessica's number more than they ask for my own. True story. If you follow her on Instagram you'll see why she's known as both the ombre and the extension queen of Atlanta.

How does she put them in?
Jessica beads mine in which I LOVE. They seem to last longer than my friends who have tape-ins and they don't require heat that damages my hair.

Does it damage your hair or make your hair fall out?
It hasn't damaged mine. When I take them out to have them adjusted, my hair feels a tad thinner but not notably different. I did take a 6 month break right before my wedding and my hair was still growing as long and thick as it was before I got the extensions. 

Do they hurt?
The first day or two feels like your ponytail rubber band is too tight. It's not unbearable. I usually go home and pop an Advil the first night and by the end of day two, I can barely notice I have them in.

What's the maintenance like?
Your first appointment you pay for the hair and the service so that's your most expensive appointment. Most people need new hair every 4 months, I've had my hair last up to 11 months without having to buy new hair but I take EXTREMELY good care of them. If you take good care of them, they can last much longer. You'll need them taken out, hair washed (products and grease build up near the beads) and then have them put back in every 2 months or so. For that appointment, you're only paying for the service so it's about half the price.

Can you treat them like your own hair?
You can but that's what will make you need new hair in 4 months. I usually don't get mine in salt water or lake water. I still get in water, I just throw it in a bun and don't go underwater. I didn't really do that anyways because I have contacts so I don't feel like I'm missing much. I also don't wash mine every day (because I'm super lazy) and I think that has definitely contributed to their longevity. 

Other tips:

  • Jessica books a few months out (I told you she was the hair queen) so you'll want to text her NOW at 770.714.0551.
  • Make sure you ask for shampoo recommendations when you see her so you aren't using shampoo that will dry your new stunning hair out (I made that mistake once)
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