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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $50

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $50

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1. S'well Traveler Insulated Bottle: $35.00 S'well (makers of everyone's cult favorite water bottle) released a new line of travel mugs. This is perfect for your coffee or smoothie drinker on the go and will surely be a hot ticket item like their much coveted bottles. S'well is on a mission to rid the planet of plastic water bottles and is currently focusing their "give back" efforts on communities around the world that lack access to clean drinking water.

2. SPANX Arm Tights: $30.00 I follow the founder of SPANX on Instagram and was a super skeptic about the new SPANX line of arm tights until I saw her wearing them. This isn't about sucking anything in, it's about adding temporary sleeves to any dress during the winter. I saw Sara wearing them, bought 2 pair and I'm a huge fan. This is a great gift for your girlfriends, especially ones that wear a lot of dresses. I have about 10 dresses that I wear to work and adding arm tights has given me an endless rotation of dress options that look different for winter. Plus, they're super comfortable. BIG FAN!

3. Faux Fur Bootie Slipper: $38.00 These slippers are too dang cute and I'm getting a pair for my bestie. Who wants to cuddle up in furry slippers all winter and sit by the fire? ME!

4. Magnasonic Professional Jewelry Cleaner: $39.99 This is one of the hottest things I've ever discussed on Instagram. PEOPLE LOVE IT and I do too because my rings are clean and shiny like new, 100% of the time. My secret: add 3 drops of any non-citrus dish liquid and people will think it was professionally cleaned. This is an awesome gift for just about anyone. My husband had one for his watches and introduced it to me!

5. Abercrombie & Fitch Fingerless Gloves: $28.00 Sometimes gifts are just cute and these are just plain cute. I love the cable-knit classic style with a modern twist of being fingerless (because clearly we need to be able to text while still looking cute AND being warm.) No matter what your friends priorities are, these are a win all the way around.

6. Women's Bauble Bar Tassle Earrings: $48.00 These earrings will go with pretty much anything so this is a safe gift for your BFF. Your girlfriends will LOVE dressing these up with holiday dresses or dressing them down with jeans and a t-shirt. One of the best lazy girl secrets ever is throwing jeans and a t-shirt on with a funky earring and MAGIC! It looks like you tried! BONUS: They come in 10 colors!

7. Stacked Collection Grateful Bracelet: $30.00 Cute and a great reminder of daily gratitude. This fits in with any sort of watch/bracelet/stack combo so it's a piece she can throw in with any other combo of bracelets she loves!

8. West Elm Gold Cheese Spreaders: $39.00 If you have a friend that loves to host, they will LOVE these cheese spreaders. Cheese spreaders are something you really can't have enough of because you can change them with theme and vibe of any party so you can't go wrong here. Plus, they're like, really pretty.

9. The Giving Shawl: $42.00 The truth about this gift is that when you click on the purchase link, it looks awful but hear me out. It's the softest thing I've ever put my hands on. The premise of it is to give someone you love a hug. It has a message of encouragement in the pocket. It comes in a ready to go box with a bow on it and the packaging is cute. In my mind, it's the best thing ever to wrap around you when you cuddle up on the couch. I've given it to friends for birthdays this year and they LOVE it!

10. World Market Gold and Marble Pedestal Stand: $29.99-$39.99 Did I have you at gold and marble? World Market definitely had me! The keys to a great entertaining spread are dimension and texture. If your girlfriends love to entertain, this is a great gift that they can use in any way they want- cake, cheese, you name it! It adds some pretty dimension to any spread.

11. Dream, Believe, Achieve Cuff: $35.00 Mantraband makes the best bracelets with motivational sayings and I wear mine every day. They have a ton of mantras to choose from in gold, rose gold and silver.

12. Layered Initial Necklace: $29.50 Layering necklaces is not as easy as it looks, so when it's done for you- GO FOR IT! I love this initial necklace and it's an easy win for pretty much any of the girls on your list!

13. Roxanne Assoulin Tie One On Bracelet: $40.00 I ordered a bunch of the "Love is All" version of these wraps for girlfriends this year. This cotton wrap bracelet has sayings like "be the change" and "love is all" embroidered with beads. It's simple, adorable, unexpected and another great piece to pair with anything your friends love to wear already.


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