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Travel Essentials: What I Won't Travel Without

Travel Essentials: What I Won't Travel Without

'Tis the almost season of holiday travel. We leave this week to go visit Jeff's parents in Syracuse so I'm packing my bag of tricks and heading north. Here's the scoop for what you need before you head out to wherever it is that you're going this holiday season.

1. Mark & Graham Daily Tote Tag: I love this subtle addition to a carry on or purse. It's become a trend the past few years and the Mark & Graham version is the winner in my book. It's a nice little touch to your luggage that doesn't give away your full name/address and it adds a touch of personalization without having to spend mega bucks to monogram your bag. 

2. The Perfect Carry On: Sole Society has yet to steer me wrong and the Millie Tote is no exception. It's big enough to carry the essentials and small enough to manage. It has three separate sections, which I love, and a zipper pouch for things that need to be secured (aka jewelry while you're going through security). I've added the Millie bag first below, along with a handful of other great options from Nordstrom. 

3. Clinique's De-Puffing Eye Massage: I have two good friends that I would consider to be particular and I mean that in the best way. They both have incredible taste. If they say something is good, it's really good. I introduced one such friend to this serum and now she and her husband don't travel without it. Moral of this story: If she approves it, you want it. I keep this in my bag and roll it under my eyes either mid-flight or just after. It's a serum with a roller ball on the end that you roll under your eyes for an incredibly smoothing little refresher. It's like a mini spa treatment and if you're anything like me and feel SUPER puffy after travel, this is for you.

4. A big scarf: Ok, hear me out on this one. The second it's weather appropriate to wear scarves, a scarf is permanently attached to my neck during any sort of travel. Scarves can be worn so you don't have to find bag space for it, it can act as a blanket if you get cold AND a pillow if you need to rest your head. It's pure genius to travel with a great scarf. Target and Nordstrom always have solid scarf options and here are a few of my favs:

5. Rollerball Perfume: Traveling with an airport-sized travel perfume also keeps me on track from feeling airport nasty post-flight. Sephora has a great selection of rollerballs right now and this is now a permanent staple in my travel bag.

6. Face Halo: Face Halo deserves an entire post to itself because of how much I love it. They also almost deserve their own shrine in my house. Face Halo is a machine washable makeup removal pad that gets all of your makeup off with only water. Incredible, I know. They are a great price and this guy takes up so little space, it's a no brainer. Face Halo is great for a mid- flight touch-up when your makeup starts going a little sideways.

7. Ugg's Crew Socks. Holy socks. This is kind of my unattractive little secret that only my husband knows...and now you. I always keep a pair of socks in my purse and the second we take off, I put socks on. In the winter, they usually go in Ugg boots. Sometimes they go in regular shoes but really, when you're in flight, who cares? No one notices. Note: take them off before you land because it's super unattractive. Your warm feet will thank me later.

8. Herbacin Kamille Hand Cream: I'm a total psycho about washing my hands. I constantly find myself washing my hands in the airport and on the plane, which is pretty hard on your skin. My mom introduced me to this hand cream and I absolutely love it. They now make a great travel size.

9. The perfect T-shirt: I love t-shirts and you'll rarely see me traveling without a super soft, great t-shirt. It's my thing. Comfy and cute? WIN! Here are my favorite go-to t's and yes, I own all of them:

10. Dry Bar Mini Detox Dry Shampoo: When you're doing your hair away from home, there are tons of elements you can't control i.e. water pressure and how much time you'll have to pull yourself together so SURPRISE! I carry mini-dry shampoo in my purse. 

11. Women's Adidas Gazelle Shoes: These shoes feel like clouds and they're super cute. I wear these HUE Hidden Liners with them and you can't see them at all. No one likes smelly feet.

Safe (and comfy) travels, friends!

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