Hi, I'm Callie Dauler

I'm a native Atlantan, radio wife, Instagram story addict and rescue dog mom. I'm a firm believer that dry shampoo changes lives.

This all really started with my husband. He was radio personality in Atlanta with a strong social media following. When we started dating and then got engaged and married, listeners of his show started trickling over onto my pages. People would ask questions or comment on photos and I'd write back with a desire to want to get to know the people who had been part of Jeff's life for the better part of two decades.

Instagram stories came out and I started talking a LOT. I'd find random things I love and, much like I do with girlfriends over wine, I'd start sharing about my latest find or just chatting about everyday life. Before I knew it, we were this little insta-community of women (well mostly women, with a few guys sprinkled in) talking back and forth CONSTANTLY about life all via social media. Problemo numero uno of sharing anything over an Instagram story: it disappears in 24 hours SO the idea of creating a website for my finds and little secrets was born. I view this website as me, you and a bottle of wine on a patio. 

When we got married in October of 2016, the same listeners I'd been starting to form relationships with cheered on our new life together like they were family and really, they are. I wake up every single day grateful that people want to start their day with my husband and I truly wish I could jump through Instagram and hug every single person who has been supportive of us. There is not a day that goes by that we are not grateful for the roof you've put over our heads and the food you've put on our table and it's something we'll never take for granted. Jeff has committed himself to using his microphone for good and to help people start their day with laughter and good energy. I like to see myself as an extension of that.

I believe in good energy. I believe in the power of kindness and positivity. I believe that what you put into the world always comes back to you and it's YOUR choice what you put out there. Not every day is a good day, not every experience is a good experience. When you practice gratitude and kindness, toward yourself and others, you're able to always see some sort of upside. Some days, all you've got is that damn silver lining and that's the only thing that gets you out of bed in the morning. What you'll find here is 100% authentically me. I do have bad days but finding the positivity and hope in every situation is what keeps me moving forward and in my good place. The internet has enough negativity and you won't find that here. You'll find real, but not negative.

My hope is that when you come to the site, or watch my Instagram stories that you'll leave feeling inspired, happy, hopeful or encouraged. Some days you'll get cute jeans or a great new concealer, other days, hope and encouragement.

Welcome to life on the upside!



Disclaimer: Sometimes brands offer affiliate links which provide referral fees to bloggers. Some products I'll use affiliate links for if they exist. I see this in the same way as I see getting referral fees from a hair stylist or any other business. You're going to the stylist because they make you look fab! If they want to give you a $30 credit towards your next haircut for recommending them to a friend, are you taking it? HELL YEAH! This is how brands say "thank you for telling a friend about us" and does not alter my opinion in any way.

You will never see anything on this website that isn't authentic or something that I really love. I will never accept payment from a product or company who requires me to change my honest opinion. Every blogger views paid promotions in different ways, but as for me, calliedauler.com will NEVER feature any brand or product that I wouldn't recommend to my best friend or my mom. That's just me!